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Vending machines offer you a wide range of possi­bi­lities for generating additional sales. Hensing is your reliable partner when it comes to automatic vending and self-marketing. That’s why you always get the best vending machine technology with the right 24-hour vending machine concept from us. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for an egg vending machine or a BBQ meat vending machines, or if you want to sell fashion items or technology products with a vending box. You can even use it to optimise your C‑parts management. With our ultra-modern self-service vending machines, consumers can buy almost any item, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. To make this possible, we develop innovative and individual vending machine concepts for you. Just contact us and benefit from the many benefits that direct marketing has to offer.

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II am a passionate famer. But I am not a salesman. Now, my RegioBox takes care of selling my products. Sales have been rising ever since.”

Hubert Pichler, farmer

Even after our bar has closed, customers will ask us for a snack or a drink. Now, we can refer them to our HotelBox – and they love it!”

Sven Hoffmann, hotel manager

Our ToolBox gives us access to materials and tools whenever and wherever we need them. It saves us time and ressources.”

Robin Müller, workshop manager

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Thanks to the VarioBox we can now offer our goods 24/7 – without having to invest in more manpower.”

Maxine Becker, entrepreneur

Our vending machines

The needs of our customers differ. Thanks to our creativity and innovative concepts, we can help you realise any project. Working closely with our manufac­turers, each of our machines is a unique, tailor-made product.

That’s what sets us apart!

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Markets are diverse – and so are our customers: From regional farmers and meat producers to travelling hotel guests, they all have specific needs. Our industry expertise is based on two key conside­ra­tions: Customers incre­asingly demand regional products; and they want to be able to buy at any time of the day.

Branchenkompetenz Direktvermarkter

Direct marketers

Branchenkompetenz Hotellerie


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Production sites

Branchenkompetenz Einzelhandel und Fashion

Retail / Fashion

Branchenkompetenz Lebensmittel und Fleischer

Food / Butcher Shops

Branchenkompetenz Kerzen und Dekoration

Candles / Decoration

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An innovative company

Our young, dynamic and constantly growing team is the beating heart of Hensing GmbH. Our roots are local. Recently, we hired 25 new employees from our region.

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Hensing GmbH is a commercial network operator! We’re your one-stop service provider for your every need – mains operation, card accep­tance, hardware and integration solutions.

As a commercial network operator we offer a wide range of services. You can rely on us to provide smooth mains operation, card accep­tance, payment terminals as well as the technical integration of all vending services. To this end, we’re working closely with leading terminal manufac­turers, network operators and credit card processors in the vending machine sector.

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Our vending machines leave nothing to be desired. But you can still adjust them to your needs. Which means you can decide on the design of your machine yourself and decide which products you want to fill it with. We’ll gladly advise you on your options. We’re looking forward to your message.

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