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Family-friendly and innovative

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Innovation is our priority

Hensing GmbH is run by a young, dynamic team – and we’re still growing! Only recently, we recruited 25 new employees from our region. We offer flexible work hours, home office options and a family supportive mood, which greatly contri­butes to a positive team spirit. We expect the company to keep growing and are planning an expansion at our company headquarters in Emsdetten.

Employee Hensing GmbH

We care about your sales

Our goal is to solve an all too familiar problem: What if your customers would like to buy something, but all the stores are closed? What about the city center, shopping malls, specialist markets or thinly populated rural areas? Our products offer all the solutions you need. Our state of the art vending machines allow your consumers to buy food- and non-food products 24/7. On top, we also offer innovative and custo­mised 24/7 vending machine concepts for retail and self marketing.

Environ­mental protection


Protecting the environment and creating sustainable solutions are key components of Hensing’s philosophy.

Fresh foods

Our “Regio-Box”, for example, reduces transport routes between producers and consumers. This benefits the environment and supports sustainable commerce. More than ever, regional production- and distri­bution chains are at the heart of sustaina­bility. Our products reflect these changes.

A strong team

Service non-stop

Our headquarters are located in Emsdetten. Our field staff is ready to support you with every issue you may have – no matter where you’re located.

Our vending machines

You decide what to use them for

Our products are the result of creativity and innovative concepts. This allows us to meet your needs, whatever they may be. In close colla­bo­ration with our manufac­turers we create custo­mised solutions, tailor-made to your speci­fi­ca­tions. That’s what sets us apart from the fold!

Our products



Our vending machines leave nothing to be desired. But you can still adjust them to your needs — depending on what you intend to use the machine for, what extras you desire and on your design prefe­rences. We’re more than happy to assist you in custo­mising our technology to your demands. We’re looking forward to your message.