Vending machines for the gastronomy industry

Vending machine restau­rants V. 2.0?

In the early 20th century, the world was going crazy for an innovative concept: The vending machine restaurant. Owners placed pre-prepared meals in lock boxes for customers to manually open whenever they felt hungry. All guests had to do was insert the coins, open the box and remove the plate. The concept was a success at first. But eventually, the vending machine restau­rants lost out to- and were replaced by global fast food chains.

A century later, the vision of a fully automated gastro-world suddenly seems more realistic and attractive than ever. This doesn’t mean that you should replace your tradi­tional restaurant entirely and let the machines take over. Rather, gastro­nomic vending machines make for an ideal complement to your existing menu.

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Self service vending machines in restaurants

A perfect addition to your existing menu

We’re living in fast times. No wonder meals need to be fast, too. If you have a time-intensive job or if you’re commuting to work, preparing a fresh lunch seems out of the question. This is where vending machines by Hensing come in.

Our gastro­nomic vending machines can be adjusted to include several different output elements. This means you can offer foods of different shapes and sizes in a single vending machine. Which means customers can chose a sandwich, a bread roll or a crisp salad for lunch and a slice of cake, a pudding cup or a joghurt for dessert. Your vending machines will satisfy all those looking for great food in a hurry – generating a healthy profit without incurring any personnel costs.

Snack machines

A wide product range, plenty of space

Our HotelBox offers many advan­tages over a tradi­tional Minibar. From an ecolo­gical perspective, a single, bigger machine requires less energy than setting up a smaller fridge in every room. Guests won’t have to walk very far either, which means a HotelBox won’t compromise customer satisfaction.

In fact, customers are far more likely to actually appre­ciate the bigger selection of products sold through one of our vending machines. You can choose between the already sizable HotelBox Deluxe and the even more spacious HotelBox Superior. The Superior even allows you to connect four output modules to the control unit – leaving nothing to be desired!

With snack machines by Hensing, you won’t waste any time on ordering and waiting for your food to be prepared and served. All you need to do is prepare the food. It’s fast, affordable and efficient.

Self-serving machines


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Selling drinks with maximum efficiency

Serving drinks is harder than it sounds. Many smaller cafeterias are having trouble with the logistical demands. Keeping drinks properly cooled is an especially challenging aspect. Hensing drink machines will help you keep things simple. You can stock our vending machines with drinks of your choice and you can even offer canned beverages. And that’s not all. Our combo machines allow you to combine sparkling water, soft drinks and fruit juices with a selection of healthy snacks and sweets.

Talk to us directly if you’re interested in one of our gastro­nomic vending machines. We’ll gladly advise you on all possible options.

Did you know – you can even add a deep freeze function to your Hensing vending machine? This way, you can treat your guests to delicious ice cream specialties!

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Gastro­nomic vending machines can replace catering

Would you like to offer snacks and drinks to your customers and employees without hiring a catering company? Then vending machines by Hensing are the perfect choice for your next company event. Guest can simply take a small snack from the machine whenever they’re hungry. It goes without saying that our vending machines are great for chocolate- and muesli-bars and crisps. But they are equally well suited for pretzels, meatballs and wraps. Your options are almost endless.

Needless to say, guests need not stay thirsty either. Our combo machines can combine foods with coke, water or juices. The choice is entirely up to you!

Vending machines for the gastro­nomic sector & catering

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Whatever your goal, we have the perfect vending machine for your gastro­nomic project. You can either replace your cafeteria with a vending machine or use one of our snack machines to supplement your menu – either way, you’ll generate a healthy income without any additional personnel costs.

Your satis­faction is our top priority. That’s why our vending machines are based on an extremely reliable system and hardly ever experience any downtime. And should your machine experience issues, our repair service will gladly take care of it for you.

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