Blumenautomat Flora Selbstbedienung auch an Sonn- und Feiertagen

HENSING Flora flower machine


+ Ideal for selling flowers and floristry products

+ Provides cooling as low as 7 °C, even on warm Summer days 

+ Isolated front screen, UV-protected 

+ All products visible at one glance 

+ Large lateral output trays 

The HENSING Flora is the right choice if you’d like to sell flowers and floristry products 24/7 without staff deployment. This vending machine cools your articles (up to 18 bouquets) down to 7°C thanks to its insulated front window — even on really hot days. Thanks to its innovative turntable technology, customers can always see items from all sides — a major advantage over most conven­tional tray vending machines. It’s almost as if you’re already holding them in your hands.

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