+ Consistent quality: Produces each ice cream cone fresh and on demand.

+ Combine 2 different flavours

+ Holds 210 cones

+ Very quiet

+ Easy cleaning system

+ Custo­misable designs using pre-prepared patterns or indivi­dually designed foils

Hensing Softmix: Your soft ice vending machine for cool and delicious ice cream

The Hensing Softmix is a self-serving soft ice vending machine offering delicious ice dream at the push of a button – whenever and wherever you need a cool refreshment. Thanks to its reliable technology and an easy cleaning system, the Softmix is parti­cu­larly efficient and requires next to no servicing. It can hold up to 210 classic ice cream cones.

For each cone, customers can choose one or two out of three different flavours to create the perfect blend. And it goes without saying that, as with all of our models, you can vary, adjust and freely design the look of the machine.

Self service soft ice machine with coin slot 

The machine uses a classic coin slot system. This makes payments both easy and parti­cu­larly secure. Because it allows customers to configure their ice cream themselves, you can sell your soft ice without having to spend a single penny on personnel – profit margins of up to 80% are by no means impossible.

Buying or renting a soft ice vending machine

At Hensing, we can offer you many different ways of acquiring a soft ice vending machine. Next to buying a new machine, you can also rent one of our models. Depending on your budget, even a leasing option may be possible. We’ll gladly advise you on the many different buying options. This way, you’re sure to find the ideal solution for your sales concept.

Individual vending machines by Hensing 

Your business is personal – that’s why our machines are, too

Hensing vending machines are tailor-made for your business ideas. We can even offer you a perso­na­lised design for your machines. Would you like to use your company logo, images or photos and your custo­mised typography? No problem, just let your creativity run wild. We’ll gladly assist you. Together, we’ll find the perfect solution for your ideas.

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Our vending machines leave nothing to be desired. But you can still adjust them to your needs — depending on what you intend to use the machine for, what extras you desire and on your design prefe­rences. We’re more than happy to assist you in custo­mising our technology to your demands. We’re looking forward to your message.