Our vending machine concepts

Individual. Specific. multipurpose.

Our vending machines sell food and non-food products to your customers around the clock. To meet your personal demands, we offer custo­mised vending machine concepts. Their high function­ality and ease of use makes them a perfect solution both for you and your customers. This way, your vending machines keep generating revenue even outside of business hours and without additional personnel costs. What are you waiting for? Get your Hensing vending machine right now!

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Food vending machines

The right machine for every product

When it comes to vending machines, your options are endless. You no longer need a canteen or cafeteria. Instead, fill up your machine and offer healthy snacks, drinks or even small meals to your customers, guests, employees or pupils. HENSING snack vending machines can be used both indoors or outdoors. As a farmer, you can now sell regional produce by setting up a micro market directly at your farm or in front of a nearby super market. 

Vending machines can complement or even replace farm shops. Our cooled vending machines can be filled with products of your choosing – eggs, milk- and meat-products, vegetables, salads, cheese, jam, honey, bread and pastries. The list goes on. 

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Non-food vending machines

An enrichment for every industry

Empty Hotelbox small

Expand your service- and marketing options and increase your profits. Our non-food vending machines offer unlimited poten­tials, whether you’re in floristics, or fashion, whether you’re selling gadgets, electronics or perfume and cosmetics.

As a hotel owner, too, you can improve your service without incre­asing your manpower: Sell a carefully curated selection of personal care items and hygiene products to your guests with our vending machines. You can even combine this with small snacks and drinks.

Self service machines are great for manufac­turing companies as well. They save time and reduce work-related walking distances for so-called C‑items, including occupation health and safety products as well as consu­mable materials. Your day-to-day work will never be the same again. 

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Expan­sions for your vending machines

Add useful features for your vending machines

Control Panel

You can add many useful features to our machines. This way, we can meet your needs and wishes 100%. 

Do you intend to sell cooled or even deep frozen products? Our vending machines remain cool even if things get hot outside.

Would you like to offer flexible payment options to your customers? We can fit our vending machines with card reading devices and an RFID module for contactless payments.

And for those who would like to check on their inventory from the comfort of their computer or smart­phone, we offer a telemetry-app!

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Filling products and packa­gings for vending machines

Because there can never be too much convenience

Grave light vending machine

We don’t just build state of the art vending machines. We help you set them up and use them, too. That’s why we offer different refillable packa­gings such as milk bottles, egg cartons and cups in different sizes. We can even take care of stocking grave light vending machines.

If you require high quality food to fill your machines, such as coffee- and tea specialties or soups, you can acquire these via our partner CA/MA/TEC. CA/MA/TEC also offers hot beverage machines capable of preparing barista-level coffees. They are experts for reverse vending machines for empty deposit bottles as well – the perfect supplement to your food vending machine by Hensing!

And if you would like to check on your inventory using your computer or smart­phone, simply use our telemetry-app!

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Your compre­hensive digital signage solution

Zeichnung Pixelbutler

Digital signage allows you to play back digital media content using a variety of techno­logies, such as displays and multis­creens. Simply put, it’s the perfect platform for making people aware of your vending machines.

Digital signage has become an entirely natural part of everyday life. Think digital timetables at train stations or pricing tables in super­markets. Put the benefits of digital signage to your advantage by booking a PIXEL­BUTLER on top of your vending machine.

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You can also rent or lease our vending machines.

Vending machines by Hensing are a great idea in general. But what if you like our concepts, but would rather not commit to buying them? No worries, you can also rent or lease them. Simply talk to us about your prefe­rences. We can make you a personal, nonbinding offer. 

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