Drink vending machines

Each machine is unique.

At Hensing, we tailor each drink machine to your personal wishes. It is an approach made possible by our extensive range of models and our ability to apply individual changes to each one. This way, we can create the perfect drink machine for water, coke or other drinks. We can even add a cooling function. Because all machines are unique and personal, there’s no limit to what you can do with them.

Hensing has estab­lished itself as one of the most reliable and trust­worthy manufac­turers of vending machines worldwide. Our machines are equally suitable for companies and offices, schools and univer­sities, the gastro­nomic sector and hotels, retails and many more. Our creed is “get it fresh, get it easy, get it 24/7”. Based on this philo­sophy, our priorities are firmly on innovation, state of the art technology and design. Our drink machines are useful, easy to use and great to look at, and they can be adjusted to your individual prefe­rences. Put these benefits to your advantage – and make use of our renowned service whenever you require assistance.

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Drink vending machines

Coke machines, water machines and more

Hensing gives you the oppor­tunity to design and adjust your drink vending machines to your personal taste. Decide for yourself which drinks to fill the machine with. Water or coke? No problem! Any other drink of your choosing? We’ll make it work. Water bottles, plastic bottles or smaller cans? You don’t have to choose!

Bergisches Land

Drink vending machines with cooling — for cool enjoyment

Our self serving machines with integrated cooling offer cool drinks to your customers around the clock. You get to choose which drinks to sell. Water and coke are obviously firm favou­rites. But other drinks are possible, too, as are combi­na­tions of different beverages. You can also combine different packaging materials, from glass via cans to tetra packs and plastic bottles. Just let us know what you need and we’ll adjust the machine to your requirements.

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HotelBox – Drink- and snack vending machine for a flexible hotel service

With Hensing, you don’t have to choose. Our machines allow you to combine pretty much any kind of drink and endless varieties of snacks. Which means that you don’t need to buy a different machine for different products. Depending on which items you intend to sell, we’ll simply finetune and adjust the shelves and boxes of your HotelBox according to your speci­fi­ca­tions. This way, your hotel guests can enjoy the pleasure of a cool drink or a small snack even at the most unusual times.

The payment process is remar­kably simple. Buyers can pay either in cash, using coins. Or you can add a card reading device for debit- or credit cards. It may seem like an effort, but, really, setting up a vending machine is more than worth it — if only because you no longer need to process a plethora of minibar bills. In fact, these micro markets often pays for themselves, because they will often generate signi­fi­cantly higher sales. And because you can design each vending machine to your personal taste, they will make your lobby look even more beautiful. 

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Get fresh milk from a drink machine

Our RegioBox is the ideal self serving farm shop. This automated micro market offers your customers the unique oppor­tunity to buy fresh produce straight from your farm. The RegioBox works great as a pure milk vending machine. If you like, however, you can add even more products to the mix, including eggs, meat and fresh vegetables, jam, cheese and many more. 

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State of the art technology


Our product range spans a wide selection of different state of the art models. Each vending machine comes equipped with a modern push system as well as an innovative lift which securely and carefully trans­ports the drinks to the customer. You’ll especially love the option of creating an individual design for your machine, which allows you to add company logos, additional promo­tions as well as images and photos. Each vending machine is thus a unique, personal piece.

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