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Milk vending machine

for selling your milk directly to your customers

Milk prices have hit rock bottom around the world. To steer clear of the global milk market crisis, many farmers are looking to direct-market their milk. Milk vending machines can play a vital role in that strategy. They make it possible for farmers to sell fresh, high quality milk directly to consumers at fair prices.

Would you like to market your excellent milk regio­nally and at fair prices? Then look no further.

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Perfect for selling your milk directly to your customers

Get fresh milk straight from the farm

with our fresh milk vending machine

Milk vending machines by Hensing are the perfect way to start marketing your milk to local customers. Fed up with selling your milk on global markets at extor­tionate prices? By selling your products fresh from the farm, you can decide on prices yourself. Milk vending machines offer maximum flexi­bility in this regard. Your customers can buy fresh milk from their regional supplier 24/7.

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So if your customers are out of milk on a Sunday morning, they can still enjoy a delicious latte. Using our vending machine locator, they can quickly and conve­ni­ently identify a nearby milk station and buy fresh, quality milk outside of conven­tional opening hours. And since these machines work entirely automa­ti­cally, there are no additional personnel costs.

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Selling fresh from the farm with a milk vending machine

Conve­nient und efficient 

If you’re a farmer and would like to sell your milk directly from your farm, a milk vending machine by Hensing is the right choice. You can set it up either directly on your own farm or at any other suitable location: In front of a super­market, a butcher’s shop or a bakery. This way, customers can buy fresh milk around the clock.

If you want, we can provide you with the glass bottles for filling the milk – you can order them from us in all different sizes. Things couldn’t be easier for you and your customers: They merely have to select the desired product via the machine’s display and pay. Once payment has been processed, the integrated lift system moves their bottle of fresh milk to the pickup box. 

Connect your machines to the telemetry-app to check up on the supply status wherever you are. This way, you can refill your machines whenever necessary and save on time and transport routes.


Your vending machine of choice for farm products

Would you like to sell more than just milk? How about offering your customers cheese, eggs and sausages as well? If so, the RegioBox is the perfect solution for you. We developed this vending machine speci­fi­cally to meet the requi­re­ments of farmers. Its unique system combines different motors to allow you to offer products of many different shapes, sizes and weights: Milk, potatos, honey – you can sell all of these and more with just one machine. This makes the RegioBox the ideal vending machine for direct-to-market strategies.

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Vending machine for fresh milk








Hensing: Individual, innovative vending machine concepts

At Hensing, we take pride in developing innovative and tailor-made concepts for vending machines. The benefit of this approach is that you can adjust your milk machine to your exact needs. Simply select the model which best matches your prefe­rences from our array of vending machines. Then, design it according to your taste. 

Should you have any questions or issues, our knowled­geable and friendly team is always at your disposal. We look forward to hearing from you!

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