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Vending machines are our core business. We know just about every­thing there is to know about them and this know-how has turned us into an industry leader. To further support our customers with setting up and running their vending machine, we also offer conve­nient packaging solutions.

Would you like us to assist you with filling your vending machine but can’t find your desired products on our page? Do get in touch. We’ll support you wherever we can and will try to find a way to make things work.

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Filling products for selling fresh from your farm

Our popular RegioBox is the perfect solution for farmers wishing to sell their products directly from their farm. Would you like to sell fresh milk, eggs, potatoes, meat and cold cuts? All of this and more is possible and entirely up to you. With vending machines by Hensing, size doesn’t matter: Thanks to our adjus­table shelf dimen­sions, even very large or very small products will find the perfect spot.

We offer many popular vending machine packaging products. This makes operating your vending machine even more convenient.

Our assortment includes:

  • Milk bottles with a resealable lid.
  • Egg cartons
  • Cups

All packaging products are available in many different sizes. For example, we offer bottles for fresh milk in conven­tional 1 litre bottles as well smaller half litre versions.

Candles and matches for grave light machines

Grave lights are not just candles. They are part of a sacred ritual. People light them to dispel evil ghosts and guide the souls of the deceased towards their final place of rest.

Church congre­ga­tions and commu­nities can satisfy the demand for grave lights by placing a grave light vending machine at the local cemetery. If you’re interested in this option as well, Hensing is your ideal partner. We don’t just deliver the machine and set it up. We can also take care of resto­cking it with high quality candles and matches.

Visit our partner CA/MA/TEC

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If you would like to see even more filling products for vending machines, visit the website of our business partner CA/MA/TEC. CA/MA/TEC offers attractive vending machines, fully automatic coffee makers, hot drink machines as well as soup machines. Their range of filling products includes coffee and tea, hot chocolate, soups and various useful comple­ments like milk powder and sugar sticks.

We support you in all your endeavours

Our vending machines leave nothing to be desired. But you can always adjust them to your needs. If you’re interested in acquiring one of our self serving machines, we can inform you about related filling products and include them in your order. Make use of Hensing’s 360 degree service – and get off to a perfect start into the world of vending machines!

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