Non-Food Vending Machines

Sock vending machine by Albers Sport Socken

Vending machines for non-food items

Who isn’t familiar with the following situation? You urgently need something on a bank holiday, but the stores are all closed. This is where a vending machine can provide a remedy. Vending machines offer businesses the oppor­tunity to offer goods to customers outside of opening hours without the need for new employees. Hensing has developed innovative vending machine concepts that offer small and large businesses the oppor­tunity to offer non-food items 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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Wide range of applications

The possi­bi­lities for filling a non-food vending machine are practi­cally endless. Our non-food vending machines can hold items as diverse as books, electrical goods, sports equipment, toys and personal care products. This gives retailers the oppor­tunity to sell their products independently of store opening hours.

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Non-food vending machines at work

Non-food vending machines do not neces­s­arily have to be intended for sales. Recently, vending machines have also become incre­asingly popular in the workplace as a means of providing employees with the materials they need quickly. For example, automatic tool dispensers.

When it comes to safety, PPE vending machines can impress all along the line. “I forgot my safety goggles” and “I can’t find my hearing protection” are now a thing of the past. PPE dispensers provide employees with the personal protective equipment they need to work safely.

They can also be of interest in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. Hygiene articles such as protective masks and disin­fec­tants are in parti­cu­larly high demand during the current Corona crisis. Adapt your assortment flexibly to meet demands and protect patients, employees and visitors.

Grave light vending machines for cemeteries and municipalities

With their robust, durable metal housing, our vending machines are also ideally suited for outdoor appli­ca­tions. This is of interest when selling grave lights at cemeteries. We provide cemeteries and munici­pa­lities throughout Germany with our grave light vending machines, which include not only high-quality candles made of pure kerosene, but also robust matches.

With our grave light vending machines, church congre­ga­tions and munici­pa­lities benefit from a carefree package: you just provide us with the site and we take care of every­thing else. From delivery and commis­sioning to filling, refilling and billing. A worthwhile purchase that citizens will appreciate.

To the grave light vending machines
Grave light vending machine

Highest function­ality with maximum ease of use

Hensing’s non-food vending machines combine maximum function­ality with maximum ease of use for operators and users.

But it is not only the customers who benefit from the simple, intuitive operation of Hensing vending machines. You as the operator can also look forward to foolproof programming of your non-food vending machine. In addition, we provide you with a telemetry app that allows you to conve­ni­ently check your inventory from anywhere via computer or smart­phone and replenish it immediately if necessary.

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  • Attractive direct marketing of non-food articles
  • Independent from price dumping
  • Individual confi­gu­ration
  • Maximum product variety in a small space
  • Modularly expan­dable
  • Suitable as indoor and outdoor vending machine
  • Flexible use of location
  • Online stock check thanks to telemetry module

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Adjust our vending machines to your needs

Your satis­faction is our top priority. That’s why we are happy to address your individual wishes and work with you to find a custo­mized solution that meets your exact requi­re­ments. The compartment widths and heights of our vending machines can be easily converted and adapted to the individual dimen­sions of a product. This enables space-saving storage of different types of products in just one vending machine. You can also choose the design of your vending machine and give it a unique look that perfectly matches offered goods.

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