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Vending machines according to use

Our vending machine concepts — individual and multifunctional

At Hensing you can find multi­func­tional vending machines for every use. From food vending machines to vending machines for fashion and lifestyle articles to vending machines for farm sales. We have the right vending machine for everyone, indivi­dually adapted to your product range.

In order to find the right vending machine for you, we offer various vending machine concepts. These show high function­ality and maximum ease of use for operators and users. In this way, your self-service vending machines generate attractive additional sales without any need for new employees. What are you waiting for? Get your Hensing vending machine now!

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Food vending machines

Food vending machines offer various uses. Whether for passers on the street, customers, visitors, employees or students. With vending machines, you provide them with healthy snacks, drinks or small meals and create an alter­native to the canteen or cafeteria. Food marketing via vending machines also enables additional sales. We at Hensing realize your vending machine concept — for a food vending machine that is indivi­dually tailored to your target group.

Hensing’s snack vending machines and beverage vending machines are suitable for both indoor and outdoor appli­ca­tions, making them parti­cu­larly interesting for farmers who want to offer regional products directly on their farm or in front of a nearby super­market. Vending machines are thus the ideal alter­native or supplement to a farm store. Whether eggs, dairy and meat products, vegetables, or salad — the refri­ge­rated vending machine can be filled with products of your own choice.

Food vending machines: Your advantages

  • 24/7 direct marketing
  • Largest possible product selection on small space
  • Individual assortment
  • Perso­na­lized design
  • Various combi­nation possibilities

Non-Food Vending Machines

Our non-food vending machines offer service and marketing options with high profit potential. From fashion and lifestyle items to gadgets and electronics, perfume and cosmetics, as well as drugstore and hygiene products. We adapt the shelf heights and depths indivi­dually to your product range — for maximum efficiency. You can fill your non-food vending machine with every­thing you want to offer. Benefit from the greatest possible variety of products in the smallest possible space — without new employees or rental costs for a store.

Hotels also benefit in many ways from the use of a vending machine. Guests can be supplied around the clock with a self-assembled assortment of care products and hygiene articles without the need for employees. The latter can easily be combined with small snacks and drinks.

And even in production companies, self-service vending machines are proving to be a real asset to everyday working life. For example, they provide a time- and distance-saving source of supply for so-called “C‑items”.

Non-food vending machines: Your advantages

  • 24h vending machine shopping
  • Attractive additional sales even outside business hours
  • Automatic sales without staff
  • Flexible choice of location
  • Additional functions
  • Secure payment system
  • Individual vending machine design
Sock vending machine by Albers Sport Socken
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The right vending machine extension for your use

To 100% meet your wishes and needs, our vending machines can be expanded with some useful additional functions.

Do you need a cooling or even a freezer function? No problem. This keeps the interior of the vending machine pleasantly cool, even at high outside tempe­ra­tures, and your products fresh for longer.

Would you like to offer your customers additional payment conve­nience? That’s possible, too, thanks to the optional card reader and RFID module for contactless payment.

And if you want to check your stock levels conve­ni­ently from your computer or smart­phone, simply use our telemetry app!

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Buy a vending machine at Hensing: Your profes­sional partner

The self-service vending machines from Hensing bring every­thing you need for the 24h distri­bution of your products. Assemble the goods and vending machines according to your personal taste and individual needs.
If you would like to buy a vending machine, you can benefit from our compre­hensive service. If you are interested, we will be happy to inform you about our installment plan and leasing options. Become part of the Hensing family and contact us now. We look forward to getting to know you!

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