Warenautomat Selbstbedienungsautomat Easy



+ Adjus­table level height and number of subdivisions 

+ Can be expanded to 4 slaves on one control unit

+ Armoured door lock and athermal, shatter-proof glass

+ 22“ HD Touch­Screen for intuitive user guidance and additional product infor­mation, videos and images

+ Robot guided output system suitable for sensitive products

The HENSING Easy is a state of the art vending machine. Thanks to its innovative design you can conve­ni­ently adapt it to changing demands and personal prefe­rences. Its large touch screen offers plenty of space for product infor­mation and additional sales-videos or images. The large output tray makes it easy for customers to remove their purchased products. Sensitive or fragile goods will safely reach the buyer thanks to a spacious trans­por­tation system. You can modularly expand the vending machines of this series with a wide range of options.

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Statement easy to use and flexible
Using the touch display
Close up motors
Easy and a spacious touch

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Our vending machines leave nothing to be desired. But you can still adjust them to your needs — depending on what you intend to use the machine for, what extras you desire and on your design prefe­rences. We’re more than happy to assist you in custo­mising our technology to your demands. We’re looking forward to your message.