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Are you in charge of a small office? Or have you made it your mission to supply an entire school with fresh foods and healthy snacks? Whatever your needs may be, at Hensing we can offer you the vending machine that’s right for you. Our self serving machines can even be used to sell regional products directly to your customers.

You can adapt our vending machines to almost every imagi­nable product. Which means they’re equally suited for milk, potatoes and honey as well as sensitive foods like eggs or berries. You will even find our vending machines in hotels, restau­rants or factories, where they’re used to sell items as diverse as foods, personal care products and tools. We’ll gladly provide you with all the infor­mation you need to find the best vending machine for your company and your sector.

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Markets are diverse – so are our customers

You’ll find our vending machines in the most diverse indus­tries and at the most diverse locations: At petrol stations, butcher shops or in various retail settings.
Two aspects are of parti­cular importance here:

    • The Hensing RegioBox allows you to meet increased customer demand for fresh regional products.
    • Our vending machines allow you to offer your products to consumers around the clock.

Hensing’s vending machines can support your store as part of an innovative distri­bution- and marketing-strategy. Imagine you’re running a perfume store. With one of our machines, you can start offering a selection of products around the clock without changing your opening hours or additional personnel costs.

With Hensing by your side, you benefit from our extensive experience in vending machines as well as our 360 degree service. If you would prefer a personal design for your vending machines, we’ll assign a dedicated member of our friendly team to assist you. This allows you to customise the machines to your product portfolio, and to make use of every square inch of valuable shelf space. It also means that you can select a personal design for the machines and adjust each one to your taste and preferences.

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Hensing: Your partner for vending machines


We’ll gladly inform you about all the possible features you can add to your vending machines. These include an integrated cooling function, a card reading device and the telemetry-app which allows you to check on your inventory at all times and from anywhere. In close coope­ration with you, we’ll help you choose the extras which will help you reach your goals.

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