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Our compre­hensive digital signage solution

Our digital signage solutions are the perfect addition to your Hensing vending machines. Make use of Digital Signage to draw attention to your products with custo­mised designs matching your industry. No expertise is required for installing these solutions and updating content. Like a real-life human butler, PIXEL BUTLER will take care of every­thing for you.

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What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is all around us. It’s on digital terminals at train stations and airports. It’s part of electronic price tags at super markets or digital ad displays at malls. The term seems to fit many different products and situa­tions. So what, exactly, is it?

Digital Signage collects different types of media content all of which are broadcast via techno­logies like touchpads, screens, displays and multis­creens. Content can be visual or auditory or both. Depending on the trans­mission device, it can also allow for inter­active commu­ni­cation between the display and its user.

Digital Signage

So much more than just an ad

PIXEL­BUTLER is not just a fancy name. This signage solution takes care of your entire digital signage for you. Simply select from one of our content subscrip­tions and you’re covered. Would you like to display recent offers, prices, up to date exposes, your latest products or an overview of your location? Whatever your needs may be, your PIXEL­BUTLER is always there for you and it’s always up to date. It doesn’t even require access to your network. Instead, it culls all necessary infor­mation from our servers, using highest data protection techno­logies. Using a mobile commu­ni­ca­tions connection, all content is centrally controlled and updated. Just give us a call!

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We offer short-term leasing- and financing-options. You’ll never miss out on the latest technology.

Server-side appli­cation management

Using SSSP4.0 and a holistic security archi­tecture, our solutions can be used even in indus­tries where trust and privacy concerns take top priority.

Extremely secure

No access to your network required. PIXEL­BUTLER makes use of a direct VPN connection to our servers using mobile communications.

Guaranteed to attract attention.

Moving pictures effort­lessly attract your customers’ attention.

IP5X certified

Guaranteed to work even in a dusty environment.

Reliable, high quality hardware.

Developed for conti­nuous use (24/7)


Always the right model for you

PIXEL­BUTLER is not just a single digital signage system. Rather, we’re talking about a wide range of different digital signage solutions for an equally wide range of appli­ca­tions. We’ll gladly recommend the right model for your specific needs. Regardless of whether you prefer landscape – or portrait format, one-sided or duplex, a digital infor­mation point or a table model at hip height, we’ll make sure you’ll always get the PIXEL­BUTLER that’s best for you. You can order a PIXEL­BUTLER in different sizes. Anything between 43’‘ and 65’’ screen size is possible. We can also cater to perso­na­lised changes, such as a presen­tation screen with touch function­ality or digital signage for outdoors use.

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Digital Signage Systems

Custo­mised solutions for every industry

No matter what kind of product you would like to advertise – PIXEL­BUTLER is your profes­sional tool for contacting potential and existing customers Your PIXEL­BUTLER will feel perfectly at home in just about every industry:

  • Shopping malls
  • Gastronomy
  • Retail fashion
  • Sports stores
  • Gift boutiques
  • Drug stores
  • Perfume stores
  • Super­markets
  • Car showrooms
  • Bicycle stores
  • Doctor’s practises
  • Health centres
  • Clinics
  • Insurance agencies
  • Real estate
  • Garden centres
  • Home Impro­vement centres
  • Pet stores
  • Cultural insti­tu­tions
  • Museums
  • Schools
  • Educa­tional facilities
  • Public insti­tu­tions
  • Travel agencies
  • and many more …

Tailor-made. Always up to date

Ready to use

Each PIXEL­BUTLER comes with a pre-installed design of your choice. Using this framework, PIXEL­BUTLER will seamlessly prepare and integrate your content. This way, you can start using your PIXEL­BUTLER from the moment it arrives at your doorstep – without having to waste valuable time setting it up.

Each PIXEL­BUTLER also comes with a free 12 month content subscription. Which means that for an entire year, we’ll update your content based on the selec­tions you made in your order.


For updating your content, you can choose between five different content subscriptions

  • Initial template setup
  • 1 x adjus­tment of template
  • Quarterly content update
  • Initial template setup
  • 1 x adjus­tment of template
  • Two quarterly content updates
  • Initial template setup
  • 1 x adjus­tment of template
  • Four quarterly content updates
  • Initial template setup
  • 1 x adjus­tment of template
  • Four monthly content updates
  • Initial template setup
  • Updates as agreed upon


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