We create snack machines tailor-made for you

Would you like to buy a snack vending machine? Then Hensing is your ideal partner. We produce snack machines according to your personal demands, using state of the art technology, individual designs and contem­porary machine concepts. Hensing machines make a great complement for your office, company, hospital, school, university or as an addition to an existing cafeteria. Whatever your goals may be — a Hensing snack machine is the perfect tool for treating your customers with satis­fying foods and drinks.

Hensing snack machines can be used for the most diverse products and are sure to keep everyone happy. Fill them with sweet bars or salty snacks, sandwiches and small meals, or talk to us about combi­na­tions of different items to meet even the most demanding customer needs. A healthy snack machine? A sweets machine? A combo machine offering both snacks and drinks? Anything is possible.

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Buying your snack machine from Hensing

Custo­mised and personal

We’ll gladly assist you with selecting the right snack vending machine and confi­guring it to your prefe­rences. Tell us what you want, then lean back and let us do all the work. Thanks to our extensive experience, you can trust us to find the perfect solution for your employees with a personal catering concept.

At Hensing, innovation is of utmost importance. We plan and realise your project reliably and like to approach each project on a case-by-case basis. This makes it possible for us to cater to the needs of almost every industry sector: Do you need a classic sweets machine? Do you prefer a healthy snack machine for schools and offices? Or are you in charge of improving the service of your hotel with a tailor-made vending machine concept? We have the ideal snack vending machine for all of these challenges and more.

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State of the art technology and design 

If you are looking to customise your vending machine, you’ve come to the right place. One of the benefits of working with Hensing is that you can freely decide which products you’d like to sell with your machines and how many shelves and boxes you need. All of our machines come equipped with innovative motor technology, our state of the art push system as well as the innovative lift. Combined, they ensure that even the most fragile snacks and products won’t break before reaching your customers.

Hensing vending machines are conve­nient to use. Customers merely need to select the snacks of their choice and can then pay by inserting coins or using the bank note reader. You can also add a card reading device which accepts debit- and credit cards for optimal customer satisfaction.

You’ll especially love the option of creating an individual design for your machine, which allows you to add company logos, additional promo­tions as well as images and photos. Each vending machine is thus a unique, personal piece. And an eye catcher to boot. 

Sweets vending machines, healthy snack machines, the list goes on.

Keeping customers happy is our only concern. This is why we have made innovative, industry-specific solutions our priority. The classic sweets machine is still our most popular model, but you can add many different varieties of snacks to it, from small, salty foods all the way to small meals. More and more companies also want to add specific products of their choice, with healthy foods gaining in popularity. 

We whole­he­ar­tedly support this new way of thinking about vending machines. Hensing machines can be filled with fresh smoothies, muesli bars or dried and fresh fruits. These foods have a few benefits over a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps: Not only are they delicious and increase perfor­mance, but they also contribute to a more respon­sible diet. Talk to us about your goals — we’ll gladly help you realise your personal vending machine concept.

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Buying a snack machine at Hensing

Your benefits at one glance 



Can be custo­mised; personal designs possible

Easy to program, Easy to use

Payment in cash, by card or contactless

Can be fitted with cooling function

Snack- and drink machines

Get the energy you need 24/7

At Hensing, you really can have it all: All of our concepts can be combined with each other. Our combo machines, for example, fuse the features of snack- and drink machines. Combine the most diverse drinks, package them in glass- or plastic bottles, in cans and tetra packs and adjust the dimen­sions of shelves and boxes to your prefe­rences. On top of that, you can add snacks to the mix. Get in touch with us and find out more about our different models and configurations.

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