Herr Anton” — The vending machine supermarket

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With “Herr Anton” Hensing GmbH has created the first vending machine store in Germany, which is revolu­tio­nizing the super­market industry. Small stores and retailers thus have the oppor­tunity to offer sustainable and customer-oriented alter­na­tives. But the vending machine super­market can also be used as a kiosk alter­native in urban districts where there is a lack of local supply.

Whether in our “Herr Anton” container concept or as a stand-alone vending machine solution — the vending machine store can be filled with every­thing that can also be found in the super­market: fresh fruit and vegetables, long-life foods, beverages or regional foods such as meat and hygiene products. In the “Herr Anton” vending machine store, customers can buy groceries 24/7. Even when all the other stores have long closed. This is what tomorrow’s shopping will look like.

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Herr Anton: The vending super­market: Individual assortment for your customers

The vending super­market “Herr Anton” can be placed anywhere. The super­market container can be assembled indivi­dually with two, six or twelve refri­ge­rated vending machines. You can also freely decide about the content of the vending machines.

Fresh fruits and vegetables and long-life food in vending machines, beverage vending machines as well as non-food vending machines leave no customer wish unful­filled. Combine your food and beverage vending machines with drugstore vending machines and offer all necessary everyday items that can also be found in the super­market: Shampoo, toilet paper, detergent and other hygiene products.

Vending machines according to use
Herr Anton 20 Fuss Container

24h super­market shopping without staff — Payment at the push of a button

24/7 shopping for groceries and other daily neces­sities. Even when all the other stores have long closed. With this lucrative business model, you are not tied to opening hours or staff. The 24-hour vending super­market thus offers lucrative additional sales at any time of day or night.

All vending machines are equipped with modern technology. This includes smart payment devices with various selec­table payment options: Coin insertion, banknote scanner, EC and credit card mode, and contactless payment. You also decide what you want to offer your customers. And you can check inventory easily and conve­ni­ently digitally thanks to modern machine technology and telemetry.

Vending machine store: Your advan­tages at a glance

  • Individual direct marketing concepts for your vending machine store
  • 24/7 secured local supply
  • Greatest possible variety of products in a small space
  • Custo­mized for your product selection
  • Modular structure with perso­na­lized functions
  • Reduction of costs and lucrative additional sales
  • Fast, contactless shopping
  • Integrated cooling function
  • Custo­mized container and vending machine design
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Vending machine store: Secure supply in rural areas

Local supply plays a parti­cu­larly important role in rural areas. The problem: In recent years, more and more local suppliers are disap­pearing from the scene. Butcher stores, bakeries and small grocery stores are having a parti­cu­larly hard time because of the super­market chains. In many smaller towns, local supplies are even disap­pearing completely.

Hensing GmbH for vending machines has the solution to the problem of collapsing local supply: Germany’s first vending machine super­market “Herr Anton”. Here, residents in rural areas receive fresh food and the most important products for daily needs.

Vending machines for agriculture

Indivi­dually confi­gured vending machine solutions for every industry

With “Herr Anton,” Hensing has designed a vending machine super­market concept that offers direct marketers the oppor­tunity to compete alongside giant super­market chains. Bakers, butchers, farmers and small stores can market their goods directly to their customers in the vending machine store. Butcher shops in parti­cular have had to close due to a lack of staff. With the meat vending machines from Hensing you sell your meat without any personnel costs and store rent.

Due to the greater demand for regional meat, vegetables and fruit, the vending machine store is parti­cu­larly suitable for agricul­tural businesses. That is why Hensing speci­fi­cally targets the agricul­tural sector with its vending solutions. The RegioBox brings the classic farm-gate sale into the future and scores with location indepen­dence as well as integrated cooling function. Whether egg vending machine, milk vending machine or vending machine for fresh fruit and vegetables. With a vending machine store you bring the farm store to your customers. In this way, you create attractive and unique shopping opportunities.

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Micro Markets — Shopping in the Super­market of the Future

With vending machine stores, butchers, bakers and small farm stores are fit for the future again, because the modern concept is working. Urban shopping is booming and modern vending machine solutions are innovative. Customers are parti­cu­larly enthu­si­astic about the combi­nation of urban shopping and vending machine shopping. The so-called Micro Markets create a modern alter­native to the dusty retail trade. With its vending machines, Hensing offers innovative and econo­mical vending solutions.

Even in difficult times, such as the current Corona crisis, the vending industry is booming. Vending machine stores do not require any staff and are a fast and conve­nient alter­native to the conven­tional super­market. Here you can shop contactless and without direct human contact. Long lines? — Not a chance.

Your individual vending super­market with Hensing

Would you like to be an operator of a vending machine super­market and are looking for the right vending machine concept? Feel free to contact us and we will develop an individual vending machine store concept together with you. We will configure the right vending machine for your needs. In addition to modern technology, we will also be happy to give your vending machines a personal, innovative design if you wish.

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