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Getting eggs fresh from the farm is something special. More and more consumers are disco­vering the benefits of regional products like eggs, fruit, vegetables and meat from sustainable farming and husbandry. They want to eat healthier, more ethically and with the environment in mind. Food quality is no longer the only criterium — it also matters where products are from. This is where regional farm shops come in. 

Egg affici­o­nados prefer the taste of fresh regional eggs from sustainable farming and ethical husbandry. Of course, farm shops can not be open 24/7. Egg machines, however, allow customers to shop for fresh eggs around the clock – simple and fast.

Egg vending machines by Hensing allow you to be there for your customers even when you are not actually physi­cally present. You can adjust the design to your personal prefe­rences. We can also meet technical speci­fi­ca­tions according to your needs.

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Perfect for selling eggs fresh from your farm.

Our egg vending machine

Our RegioBox is the ideal vending machine for selling eggs fresh from your farm. You can sell your products directly to your customers without any personnel. Depending on your preferred size of egg cartons, you can adjust individual shelves.

Eggs are volatile. Our technology is guaranteed to keep your foods intact and clean. Many conven­tional vending machines don’t offer a lift system. Eggs, however, would not survive the drop into the pick up box.

Bergisches Land

This is why we equip our egg machines with an innovative lift system which picks up and safely trans­ports eggs from the shelves to your customers. Eggs remain unharmed, and will arrive in perfect condition. If so desired, we can also add a cooling function to the machines. It monitors the correct tempe­rature and can be set to your personal specifications.

Next to the egg vending machine, the RegioBox offers several options for selling fresh potatoes, honey and jam. But your options don’t end there. You can effec­tively fill the RegioBox with almost every possible farm product and offer your customers a unique experience. Thanks to the integrated cooling function, even meat products, milk and cheese can be sold with the Regio-Box.

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No fresh eggs on a Sunday morning?

There’s always an egg vending machine nearby

Farm shops provide access to fresh, regional foods from local farms. This is great for consumers – but it’s great for local farms, too. Our egg vending machines allow you to supply your customers with fresh eggs even when stores are closed. It’s often on Sundays — precisely when most farm shops are closed for business — that many families realise they’ve run out of fresh eggs. This is why egg machines are a godsend to true egg lovers: They’re always open, even if your shop is not.

Fresh, fresher, RegioBox

Your self serving farm store for fresh eggs

Vending machines make it possible to sell fresh eggs around the clock straight from your farm. You can even reach target groups who would otherwise never set foot in a farm store, such as bikers on a long trip on a Sunday; but, really, just anyone who forgot to stock fresh eggs for breakfast or for baking. By updating your conven­tional farm store with a vending machine, you can now sell fresh eggs at any time. Using our micro markets is simple and self-explanatory. All your customers have to do is select what they want and then proceed to pay for it in cash or using a debit- or credit card. After payment has been processed, the lift system swiftly and carefully moves the eggs to the customers. Shopping has never been this easy.

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Egg vending machines by Hensing

As unique as your farm store

Buying eggs fresh from your regional farmer is a something special. To match this experience, you can indivi­dually adjust the design of your vending machines to your prefe­rences. This way, your RegioBox is not just useful but guaranteed to look great, too. We’ll support you every step of the way and help you create the perfect machine for you.

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